Friday, June 5, 2015

FBC Clanton/Flintville - now you see ' you don't!

Sometimes a week with a volunteer team goes by so fast! We are so eager to welcome them, we spend months communicating with them beforehand and then WHOOSH! They arrive, do a whirlwind week of ministry, and they're gone! I have been trying to post pics for a few days but our internet has not been cooperative, but finally this morning I had success! Here is a little look at Clanton - definitely one of the most "fun" teams we have had at New Day!

Bobby, the king of all things trees and agriculture, had a great time and gave us such good advice about our trees, etc! He also enjoyed some nshima at Kids Club!

Chad, a middle school math teacher, was SO great with all of the kids!

Bear did a great job teaching the Kids Club lesson on Zacchaeus (how do you spell that???)

Pam spent most of her time in the orphan houses - scrubbing clothes by hand and holding the babies!

Johnna, a nurse practitioner, did physicals on each of the New Day kids!

Luumuno seemed to like it!

Prince getting checked out

Trish, one of my favorite people ever, taught Math at Kabanga Basic School in the mornings and then headed to New Day to lead the Science fair - she was busy!

Sammantha, a recent high school graduate, played and played and played with the New Day kids!

And was time for the Science Fair! Their presentations were so great!! Here is the paper airplane group!

The balloon run group

The Preschool learned about magnets!

The awesome marble run group!

And finally, the parachutes!

There were 18 in this group, and sadly, I don't have pictures of everyone, but we are so grateful for the ministry and work EACH person did - thank you FBC Clanton, Alabama and FBC Flintville, Tennessee!!

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