Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A little catch-up...

As I was looking through my recent pictures, I realized I forgot to blog a few things! Here's a little catch up!

This was an AMAZING book...I'm reading his second book right now, and it is set in Lusaka, Zambia, so I'm loving that one too, but this one was GOOD!

Cambree playing War with Daddy

Blu & Don from the Amarillo team (who is actually from Ohio - our first Ohio volunteer!!) working on roof trusses

Bob & Dave from Amarillo building roof trusses

Galen & Josh teaching our kids Volleyball!

Naomi & Dani having fun with the kids!

Jan & Debra are leading a teacher's workshop this week! With me teaching in the mornings, teacher's workshop in the afternoons, ANOTHER dentist appt in Lusaka on Thursday, and a women's conference on Friday, you might not see many blog posts from this team!

The workshop is for New Day teachers and teachers from our local Kabanga Basic School

We are so excited to have Josh & Dani Duncan here from College Station, TX! We have known the Duncans since 2001, when Josh & Dani would run around the house as a 4 year old and 2 year old during our Sunday School fellowships! How awesome to have them serve with us here in Zambia! (our kids are pretty excited about it too!)

Last week, we said goodbye to the Cooks, who are leaving to serve at Rift Valley Academy in Kenya! We are sad to see them go but pray God's blessings on them!

Last week's team did a Readers' Theater with the New Day kids - it was so fun to watch them read their stories and to remind ourselves of how far some of them have come!

Jodi did a great job heading it up!

At the end, we surprised Ricky & Niki with a going-away party and a memory book with pages for each child/staff member!

We found the way to Stanley's heart - cupcakes!

Me & Cason, hanging out!

We couldn't let the Cooks get away without some water pouring!

This is a full week of ministry, as I mentioned above! The team is busy doing construction, teaching PE and other classes, leading workshops, leading a women's conference, planning Art and Music activities for the kids, and just being involved with all that goes on at New Day! If you are reading this, I would appreciate prayers for my tooth! Today is 23 days of pain, and Thursday I have to make my second 9 hour round-trip to Lusaka to get my root canal completed - not fun! It is hard to even think these days when I feel I am consumed by pain! Please pray that the dentist will be able to fix my tooth so I can do all that needs to be done (my kids are leaving for the USA in 9 days!!!) Thank you!

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Lois Forehand said...

Hi! I'm Lois Forehand from Texas. I have known Ron and Dee for many years and had the pleasure of having them as neighbors and Ron as pastor. I re-connected with them today and found out about the exciting ministry that you have there. I have always been fascinated with Africa so I'm more than a little jealous, but thanks to your blog, I can see and hear how God is using you. I will be following your posts and praying for your work daily!
Love in Christ, Lois