Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June Birthdays!

Last night we had our monthly Family Dinner Night (lasagna per Mulenga's request!) and our June Birthday Celebration!

Ben will turn 11 on June 26th! His sponsor sent him books, a shirt, and Legos!

Ben liked the shirt the best - the New Day kids love new clothes!

Love our loveable Ben!

Caedmon & Ben blowing out candles on their cake!

Water pouring - on a cold June night!!

On a random sidenote, Ben's dad came to visit him this week - first visit in 3 years! Ben loved seeing him!

Caedmon (who turned 10 on June 2nd) loved his Grape sodas and candy bars!

Water on Caedmon!

Ben & Caedmon's cake had a picture of them from 2011 and one from this past weekend!

Love these two!

The twins are 1! Emma and Justin had a "safari" themed party - a giraffe cake for Emma and monkey for Justin!

Justin did not enjoy the 47 people yelling and getting in his face!

He calmed down a little later!

They look a lot alike in this pic!

Papa Tembo turned 57 on June 8th! He loved his party (as did Mama Tembo, who is standing behind him!)

What a great smile!

Emma, just chilling!

Cambree sure does love Baby Justin!

Look! New tile countertop in my kitchen!! After 4 years of "peel and stick" tile, I am so excited to have the real thing!!

The girls begged Teacher Debbie to clean the cow's corral last weekend - yuck!

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