Saturday, June 27, 2015

Team Time!

Thank you for your prayers for my tooth! The dentist did a complete root canal on a DIFFERENT tooth than before, and my pain is now gone! Praise the Lord! Here are a few pics from the week... (I'm not even going to talk about the 16 ministry pics that I accidentally deleted from my camera yesterday....)

Proof that you can't come to New Day just once - Josh holding a baby crocodile in Zambia at age 13..

And Josh holding a chameleon in Zambia at age 18.. :)

Teacher Abby and Laurie presenting their rap song about a children's book we read during our teacher's workshop!

Blu & Galen sitting in The Ark after 3 hours of soccer with the kids..

Dani & Naomi with some of our girls during P.E. class!

Dani & I working hard this morning! The team is leading a women's conference, and the store in town "forgot" to make the 200 rolls for the conference snack! So Dani and I grabbed all the bread we could find and started buttering and jellying like crazy! :)

Hanging out with some of their favorite peeps :)

Josh & Galen enthralling the boys with a story

Yuck - that's a small puff adder...which means where is his mama?!

Naomi was SO excited that Mama Lala made her some chocolate chip cookies!

Twinkies :)

(and remember..we're not going to talk about the pictures I deleted of our kids' awards ceremony, Dani & Galen doing a craft, Josh & Naomi leading Music class, and Debra doing reading assessments...we're just going to pretend I never took them...)

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