Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Glimpse of Rosemont

It has been a flurry of activity at New Day for the past 5 days as we have hosted a team from Rosemont Baptist Church in La Grange, Georgia. I waited to do a massive post on their last day, so here are 74're welcome. :)

Wow - that's a lot of American goodies!!

Teams this summer are also helping out with our New Day Wishlist which includes a lot of school items!

Here are a few pics of church on Sunday - Agnes enjoyed sitting with Pam!

I love this pic of someone's Bible propped up against the grass wall!

Chris led the Adult Bible Study

Terry cuddled up with Jayde!

Mallory took a fussy Justin outside.

Randy's umpteenth trip to Zambia, but his first time to preach at New Day Church!

I love it when Stella joins the choir and dances!

A great team pic after church!

Sittin' on a stump...

There has also been a lot of construction going on! We don't care how old you are - we will put you to work! Barbara helped sweep out the newest orphan house.

Painting in the new orphan house

Plenty of tools to choose from!

Wes & Chris working on roof trusses for the new school building

Peyton was able to use her talents to give some great haircuts!

Homework help in the New Day School with Erin & Miranda

Peyton and Jodi giving Cynthia a hand

Most of our teams this summer are also working at Kabanga Basic School giving them much-needed instruction and resources! April gives the students a hand.

Jodi, a high school Math teacher, did a great job!

Mallory looks through a broken classroom window at Kabanga.

Pam, a 4th grade Math teacher, had a great time at Kabanga.

Kids Club was fun - Barbara enjoyed babysitting Emma!

Checking out the action!

150 kids to entertain!

Teaching the lesson on Elijah and the prophets of Baal at Mount Carmel

My handsome soccer star!

Cambree loves hanging out with teams!

Going for a ride!

Cason has REALLY loved being spoiled by Miranda this week!

My little mess..

Debbie & Laurie hanging out

Jayde & Glory

Pam brought her son, Justin, and her daughter and her mother - a family trip to Africa!

It's hard to resist this smile!

Lexi spent a lot of time with Agnes

An Agnes sandwich with Lexi & Erin!

Luumuno was grumpy at Kids Club.. :)

Our silly little Lulu!

Mallory & Phillip

Lots of time to play soccer!

Peyton & Agnes

Sweet Prince

Agnes loved Uncle Randy!

So did Caedmon!

The New Day staff (minus Mulenga!)

These three looking good (they leave in 15 days - aaahhh!!!!)

Love Muchoni's smile :)

He loves soccer, that's for sure!

Colby played a lot of soccer...

...until he sprained his ankle!

Poor guy!

Our girls love to play as well - Machila is one of the best!

Even Randy joined in the game!

No one is too young for soccer at New Day :)

Tank stand visits - don't forget your Sharpie to sign your name!

On Sunday, the team had the "opportunity" to help unload a 40 foot container, get it off of the 18 wheeler that carried it, and then reload it! It was definitely a joint effort!

Erin is probably saying, "Cason..this is too heavy for you!"

Jayde & Laurie make it fun!

Kefbert helped...a little..

Mama Lala & Christina haul some books

Lulu was a big helper!

Load after load after load after load in the trucks!

Even Prince gave us a hand!

It was lots of "fun" - can't you tell?

Everyone gathered around to watch the excitement!

That's a big container!

Did I mention it was load after load after load??

Papa Wes & Misheck check out the 20 new tires for the New Day vehicles!

Rosemont leaves tomorrow, and we are grateful for the 5 days of ministry they took part in here at New Day!

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