Saturday, June 6, 2015

Nacho Libre Party Time!

Yesterday we had Caedmon's 10th birthday party, with a Nacho Libre theme! Blu said it is every guy's dream to have their son want a Nacho Libre party... ;)

Be know you wish you were here!! :)

His Nacho mask cake (Cambree said it looked like a pear, Mama Lala guessed a rabbit, but hey...Caedmon knew what it was!

Sporting his new birthday clothes!

The boy can grow some carrots!!

Our annual "big boys" picture at his party! They stayed up until 2am watching movies and eating candy..

Singing Happy Birthday to a very unhappy Caedmon who had just gotten hurt...wrestling, of course.

The d├ęcor! Here is the cake/candy "bar" table!

The front door - we ordered this movie poster and realized the movie came out ON JUNE 2ND!!!! How crazy is that!!

The food table - we had homemade nachos! (which means homemade tortillas, baked into homemade tortilla chips, and homemade queso, homemade beans...etc! I might have been longing for Walmart during the cooking prep for the party!!)

Some sidewalk chalk on the front porch to welcome guests (courtesy of Caedmon)

Everyone had to put their wrestling name in the bucket for prize drawings! "Wimpy Wes" won the grand prize of 10 kwacha! (Dangerous Debbie and Fearless Francis also won prizes!)

Then, it was time for Indian Leg Wrestling!

It was hilarious to watch Papa Wes & Cambree leg wrestle!

And a thumb wrestling tournament of course, won by Merciless Muchoni!

We turned the trampoline into a wrestling ring and the boys had hours of fun on it!

It was a fun party, despite the fact that electricity went out about 30 seconds into the party and stayed off for 2 hours! I think it is definitely a 10th birthday our sweet Caedmon will remember!

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