Friday, October 21, 2016

Cambree's New Room!

Cambree's room has been pink since she was 2 years old. When she turned 8, she started asking for a new room with new colors, etc. We held her off for as long as we could and finally promised her a "new" room when she turned 10! With that just 3 weeks away, we have been slowly accumulating items and making plans to give her the perfect "tween" room!

Everyone got in on the action! Caedmon & Blu built the loft bed, me & Mama Dee & Cambree painted, and Cason helped put together the bed!

I love her white furniture that we bought from the Cooks when they moved!

All of the purple accessories I found at Pep! (our equivalent of a dollar store)

We made this ourselves :)

It was her idea to do a little splatter painting!

I love her desk - I want one!

She came back from a sleepover early Saturday morning and saw her loft bed for the first time!

Underneath she has a closet and changing area!

And her "window seat" for reading and storing her sewing materials!

All in all she got a room makeover for $200...Cason wants a new room now, but thankfully he's only 7! ;)

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