Friday, October 21, 2016

A Busy Week!

Don't you think there's a "good" busy, and a "terrible" busy? There have been some weeks that have been a terrible busy....(the week Wes had a stroke, we did a village VBS with a team, and we had a field trip to the chief's induction ceremony...that wasn't necessarily a good busy!) This week, however, was definitely a GOOD busy!

First, 7 days ago, we got 3 month old Luyando, and she is a CUTIE!! Mama Loveness keeps telling us that she is the easiest baby!!

There are no words!!

Then, 5 days later, our new housemother Yolantah arrived! We interviewed Yolantah about 2 years ago, but the timing wasn't right. This time, however, it was clear that this was God's plan. Yolantah knows Wes, Laurie, Staci, and Elizabeth very well and has been discipled in our local Baptist churches since 2006. She will be the housemother in the Lukondo house for our 3 oldest girls and 3 little ones.

Her 17 year old son, Josh, will be staying in one of the rooms in our new staff housing (The Palace #2) rooming with Teacher Melvin and attending a local secondary school.

Lukondo House!

And then...the next day, 5 year old Edna arrived! Edna's mother died when she was 4 months old and her father hasn't been seen since then. She was living with a family that took her mother (an orphan herself) in when she was young. She was by far the LEAST scared child to arrive at New Day - she was all smiles and hugs!

She fits right in between Lulu & Agness!

New shoes are always a big hit :)

Her "first" family - we will make sure she always remembers them!

She didn't look back...

Tuesday was a school holiday, so we went to Choma to do some grocery shopping! (and eat some Chinese food...)

Our flamboyant tree we planted 5 years ago is blooming!!

Jacey's four little ducklings on their way to class!

Kids Club - Gertrude getting some braids from Uncle Blu!

Where's Waldo?

You have to make silly faces when it's 107 degrees outside...

Most of the kids didn't even play...they just sat...waiting for the Bible story and the food!

Blu made me a homemade scentsy!

Because when it's this hot outside in October, at least your house can SMELL like Fall! ;)

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