Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wifi Wednesday

In honor of this amazingly fast wifi we have, I thought I'd post a few Wednesday pics!

Another pic of the ballet group - I love this pic!

Caedmon & Cason buying fritters in the Choma market..

For the last 4 weeks, Cambree has been doing Language Arts with Rachel. Cambree has loved the attention, and they have been reading a book about horses together, so they finished the book with a horse project!

Just a lollipop from the market...This picture makes me laugh, because 6 years ago, we refused to let our kids eat these, due to the fact that we didn't know what kind of water they were made from. It's safe to say that after 6 years in Zambia, our kids have stomachs of steel...

Teaching at Kids Club...I wear the same outfit pretty much every week :)

Date night!! Last night, the volunteer girls offered to keep our kids (dinner & a movie) so that we could have a date night at home! We took a walk, ate some Chinese takeout, and watched Gymnastics - so fun!

A view of my parents' slab and back door view

Justin & Emma giving a wave!

Mama Liz and all her little chickies!

Kisses from Justin & Emma are the best!

Palace #2 is going up fast!

Such a stud in the USA vs. Zambian soccer game last week!

Proof that I was on the field too...kicking the ball with my left leg for some reason....

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