Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter from the Tidwells!

For a look at Easters gone by, you can click here!

Last year looked something like this:

Here is a look at our Easter morning 2016

Easter baskets! The Easter bunny accidentally stepped on my bunny and squashed him, but he was still good!

Daddy & his girl

Love this man :)

Kisses from my boys!

Love my guys!

So tough...

Mama & Cambree


Our babies..growing up!

Our family

Cason's idea for this pose.. :)

Our church is getting bigger and bigger...last week there were 172 in attendance, and that was without our team of 16 plus 6 visitors and one extra Bible study, so this Sunday we decided to move all the chairs outside and have church under the trees!

The mens' choir

After a great worship service, it was time to head to the river (about 1.5 mile walk one way) for 40+ baptisms! We baptized people from New Day Church, people from Kabanga Bible study, and people from Malindi Bible study!

This is the bridge that is often flooded during rainy season!

Rachel, Mallory, & Hillary walk to the river, with Andrew & Megan right behind them

It was a HOT walk!

In the middle is a former witch doctor who has been going to our church for about 2 years - so exciting to see her come to know Christ!

Our Glory girl getting baptized by Papa Tembo!

That smile! Kefbert & Malilwe were also baptized today!

Teacher Madalitso was so excited to be baptized!

Love those smiles!

There were so many others that got baptized but I didn't have my camera..hopefully I can share later! Shankester, Fence, Martha, Noah's wife Cynthia, Mulenga's wife Miriam and son Emmanuel, etc.!

I did get some pictures of this little guy though.... :)

After the 1.5 mile walk back, I rushed to get our Easter meal finished. We had Wes, Laurie, Diana, & Carolyn over and had a feast! I was tired from the walk, and my gas stove ran out of gas halfway through cooking, so I was a little bit distracted and FAILED to take a pic of my pretty Easter table!! We had flowers, used Blu's great-grandma's china, and had a cute Easter dessert table...I know my mom is cringing right now that I didn't take a picture of any of it! We feasted on pork chops and lamb chops, boiled potatoes, pineapple casserole, rolls, green beans, deviled eggs, and pistachio salad. Our dessert table was strawberry punch and fresh carrot cake! :)

And now...I am sitting on the couch in a food coma. The kids' Easter eggs are stuffed and ready for their hunt this evening, and they are with the team doing Easter activities for a couple of hours this afternoon. It has been a great day celebrating new life in Christ and the fact that HE IS RISEN!

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