Friday, March 4, 2016

Why We Love Volunteers....

They take really great pictures that we can then steal and post!!! Thanks Mallory, Rachel, Kailyn, and Jamee!! :)

My Caedmon :)

Caedmon & Muchoni


Cambree & Emma

This girl..

Chivuma - a village where Blu is leading a new Monday Bible study

Christina laugh

Samuel, from Nabukowa, stood in church and shared his testimony of receiving Jesus!

Cynthia...always so embarrassed!

Caedmon & the boys at Discipleship class

Emma's sweet smile this kid and the crazy questions he is always asking!

Sweet Glory girl

Ingrid, Brian's daughter, is a funny girl!

Jamee & Kailyn's room in the Ark

Eating some maize

Kailyn & Jamee with their Valentine's Day treats

Jamee and the girls

Sweet Justin

Twins in the sand!

Kailyn getting a lift!

Kailyn & Glory

Little Laurie

Lulu says "Cheese!"

Lulu and Ingrid hanging around

Luumuno - my cuddle buddy!

Me & Mallory riding in the bus to Choma for a shopping trip!

Mallory giving Emma a ride

Hard at work..

Lulu and Mal

Mallory & Rachel (not many pics of Rachel because she was the photographer!)


I love this kid!


Rachel and Agness

Sisi, Cynthia, & Glory

That sweet Sisi smile..

Stanley (with a black eye after falling at church!)

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