Friday, February 26, 2016

Past Week

I'm having some trouble blogging lately - bad internet mixed with power outages makes it difficult! Here is what has been going on this past week!

Caedmon & Machila studying Science during their lunch break

Working on Mama Dee & Grandpa's house!

Mallory & Rachel are here! These are 2 girls from Rosemont Baptist Church in La Grange, GA who are here for 5 weeks. Rachel will start dental school in August, and Mal just graduated from college (she has been to New Day twice before). We are excited to have them here and are putting them to work!

Love those "welcome back" hugs! The kids kept saying to her, "You remember our names!!"

Doing some organizing in the library!

Rachel is helping a lot by tutoring Misheck in Math and taking over Cambree's Language Arts class!

A Friday at school..Agness & Ingrid


4th Grade Math with Teacher Darbi

2nd Grade Math with Teacher Hildah


And those power outages....our schedule is back..sort of.. some days it's off, some days it's on..we never know! The other night, Blu built a fire and we sat outside, but in the 90+ degree heat, that didn't last long!

Cason's face describes perfectly how we all felt...

Kailyn & Jamee are still here, though I don't see them much1 They spend a LOT of their time biking to Kabanga Basic School and are pouring into the local kids there - what a ministry!

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