Friday, February 12, 2016

Construction, Fish, and Snacktime!

Here is what was going on around New Day on Thursday!

We have a block making crew working to make 80,000 blocks for the 4 building projects we are doing this year!

Love our hydraform machine and our red blocks! (Bruno is the crew leader)

Blu has it down to a science - the blocks cost us $.18 to make!

Crispin - one of our best (and fastest!) builders. He is also Kelitah & Axer's uncle, Royd & Protashow & Bruno & William & Irene's brother, etc., etc. He is building the Palace #2, but Blu caught him taking a break!

Getting ready to pour the slab for the Palace #2!

We harvested fish! Enough for 7 meals for the orphanage!

Time to refill the pond and try again!

Every day at 10am, the kids get a 10 minute snacktime and a 20 minute recess - Uncle Blu was around to capture some of the fun!

Blu & Cynthia (who is NOT throwing a gang sign, despite what it looks like!)

Blu & Kelitah

Look - it's Teacher Melvin!

The bosom buddies eating snack together :)

Christina & Terry

Meanwhile, I was back in my room grading papers! (Every day at snacktime, Blu brings me a homemade granola bar that we make on Sundays for the week and we enjoy a 15 minute break together!)

Blu with Francis & Emmanuel






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