Friday, February 12, 2016


We have had a great and exhausting time in Lusaka! Our kids have thanked us so many times for bringing them, and we have realized that with all the chaos that is our every day lives of ministry, sometimes they need to get away too! Lusaka pretty much equals food, food, and more food. :)

After a day of teaching, a 5 1/2 hour trip to Lusaka, a massive shopping trip at Orca, a home furnishings store, to get The Ark ready for volunteer season and to furnish our new orphan house, a jaunt into Game, a store to buy fans for The Ark and dry erase boards for the school, and what we thought would be a dash into Shoprite to knock out Carolyn & Diana's list and a few more things for the orphan house (stood in line at the checkout for 38 minutes...), and Blu & Caedmon witnessed a mugging....we were exhausted!! It was 9pm when we finally sat down at Curry in a Hurry to eat supper! (the kids opted for burgers from Steer's!) However, it was a highlight when we watched a guy propose to his girlfriend! :)

On Friday morning, we were bummed to wake up to no water, but we got ready quickly and headed across town to our American dentist, Dr. Yoo. I FINALLY got my 2 crowns put in (what a nightmare of the last 8 months of 2 root canals and then crowns!) and we all got our teeth cleaned. Fun times.

Having to wake up early to go to the dentist AND take a Math test while you're there - life is rough.

After the dentist, we rushed over to Immigration where we successfully submitted Mom & Dad's work permits! We then did a little more shopping (Food Lovers, Pizza Hut!, Pep (because Cambree's flip flops broke...), and Toys R' Us, and came back to the Baptist Mission to eat lunch. After that, it was swimming time!!

After much debate, we decided to drive the extra 35 minutes to go one of our favorite places, Sandy's Creations! We loved their nice pool, and it was a perfect day to swim!

They got 2 1/2 hours in the pool!

My paradise...a Malawi shandy and wifi to download 13 new books to my Kindle!

Cason, our wrinkled little man!

After swimming, we headed to The Cake Bar - one of our favorites! The kids got waffles with gelato on top, (except Cambree who chose fruit..) and I had a delicious iced caramel latte! Lusaka food is GOOD.

After that, we did another massive shopping trip to Pick n' Pay for our personal groceries...we finished up at 7:30pm and drove back to the Mission in a rainstorm! Craziness of unloading, getting everything frozen, so that tomorrow morning we can load up and go! Our only stops will be to Game to pick up the 4 new couches we bought for the orphan houses and to Mugg n' Bean for breakfast!

I wanted to detail our time in Lusaka so that you can get a glimpse for what a couple of days in the big city are like for a missionary family - lots of shopping, lots of traffic, and lots of food & fun!

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