Thursday, February 18, 2016

Fun in February!

We have had some fun this February, especially with our monthly birthday party yesterday!

Kefbert turned 7 on February 11th, Mweene turned 9 on February 14th, and Miriam turned 24 on February 16th!

Little Chimunya (Brian's daughter) thought the water pouring was hilarious!

Emma loved getting wet too!

Hildah loves life! (and pouring water on people)

Jamee getting some Emma love

Jamee getting some more getting water poured on her!

Baby Justin didn't mind the water!

Kefbert's awesome cake and Mr. Incredible!

Teacher Diana got him!

Mweene is fast!

Mweene's Batman cake and cookie

He got a Bible (this is what he asked for!) and Legos!

Poor Miriam - Mulenga got her good!

Everyone got her good!

Love her smile!

Stanley got a haircut!

In Mama Lala's Language Arts class, the kids were on a hunt for their spelling words - come on, Francis!

Cynthia and Muchoni searching...

And the last of our Valentine's pictures..Cambree & Caedmon delivered flowers & chocolate to Teacher Carolyn & Teacher Diana, while Cason was delivering to Aunt Staci!

Headed to English worship!

One last Lusaka meal - Mugg n' Bean for waffles and a giant fruit/yogurt/granola salad!

My 3 Valentines!

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