Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Not much!

Not much to show you from this past week - all we can really think about here is the heat! It feels like October heat in mid-February. We have had one or two rains, but nothing near what February is usually like, and IT. IS. HOT.

The Kindergarten - 2nd graders are having Art Class with Mama Lala on Fridays this term - they are designing and painting their own wooden giraffes!

Mweene & Joseph working hard!

Lots is going on in the agriculture department - Daisy had a calf (boy), and we got 2 new pregnant dairy cows!

While we were on furlough, Belinda the Donkey had a baby too - meet Ollie!

Blu spends most of his days the fish pond...or some other activity that causes him to come home looking like this. Every day. (Thank you to sweet Joyce, my Zambian friend who washes his jeans and his white socks every Wednesday afternoon!)

Speaking of the fish pond, we harvested fish today! (Ha - like how I said "we"???!!) When all was said and done, they had to drain the pond pretty low to get them out, and after throwing back the small ones, they were able to put together 7 bags of 33 fish - enough for 7 meals for the entire orphanage! They'll do it all again in about 6 months with hopefully bigger tilapia!

Thankfully Mama Tembo & Martha knew how to fillet them!

This is a better picture of Brian's wife, Meckdren, and his two daughters - Ingrid & Chimunya

Our family is headed for a 2 night trip to Lusaka tomorrow! We will have one full day there - Friday - to go to the dentist for my crowns, get the rest of the families' teeth cleaned, and do lots of shopping (and maybe some swimming!) It's crazy how after just a month, we feel ourselves needing to get away for a night or two - just so much going on, so many people coming to our door (I stopped counting at 5 people before 11am on Saturday morning...), and the HEAT, so we are going to make an effort this term to get away for a night or two once a month! Excited!

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