Monday, March 7, 2016

Family Favorites!

We had a blast playing the "Favorites" game during our meal at Ocean Basket the other night! I thought I'd share a few of them here!

Favorite Food

Blu: hamburgers

Darbi: shrimp

Caedmon: chicken tenders

Cambree: fruit

Cason: chicken nuggets

Favorite Restaurant

Blu: Chili's

Darbi: Cheesecake Factory

Caedmon: Chicken Express

Cambree: McDonald's

Cason: Zig Zag Cafe

Favorite Movie

Blu: The Bourne Identity

Darbi: The Lion King

Caedmon: Here Comes the Boom

Cambree: Mall Cop

Cason: Balto

Favorite City

Blu: Durban, South Africa

Darbi: New York City

Caedmon: Mapanza, Zambia

Cambree: Orlando, Florida

Cason: Fort Worth, Texas

Favorite Dessert

Blu: B-Maw's cheesecake

Darbi: Dark chocolate pomegranates

Caedmon: Banana pudding

Cambree: B-Maw's cheesecake

Cason: Chocolate pie

Favorite Rides at Disney World

Blu: Harry Potter train

Darbi: The Little Mermaid

Caedmon: Harry Potter

Cambree: Revenge of the Mummy

Cason: Harry Potter

Favorite TV/Movie Character

Blu: Jack Bauer (24)

Darbi: Coach Taylor (Friday Night Lights)

Caedmon: Paul Blart (Mall Cop)

Cambree: Sam (Sam & Katt)

Cason: Bugs Bunny

Favorite Musician/Group

Blu: Casting Crowns

Darbi: Taylor Swift

Caedmon: DC Talk

Cambree: Taylor Swift

Cason: City on a Hill (Casting Crowns)

Favorite thing about Zambia

Blu: speaking Tonga, the weather between 6pm and 7pm

Darbi: feeding hungry people

Caedmon: Misheck and the older boys

Cambree: Laurie

Cason: the NDO kids

Thing I Miss the Most about the USA

Blu: Paw & B-Maw

Darbi: (since her parents are moving here...) Victory Life Academy in Brownwood

Caedmon: Brayden

Cambree: Andie

Cason: Victory Life Academy

What I Would Do with a Million Dollars

Blu: Buy a bond and retire, living on $50,000 a year

Darbi: Pay for the kids' college and go on a cruise around the world with Blu

Caedmon: Buy a pool for New Day and bicycles for each kid

Cambree: Buy a TV and mini-fridge for her room and go to a Taylor Swift concert

Cason: Buy presents for the NDO kids

It was the most enjoyable meal out at a restaurant we have probably ever had!

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