Friday, March 18, 2016

Fun Friday!

We wrapped up our week with a fun day today! Lots of different things going on - here's a glimpse!

Love that big Axer smile!

The New Day girls choreographed their own ballet performance for our team!

Malilwe does the splits!

So precious!

The littles :)

More splits!

Rachel was busy today - tutoring Misheck, horse art project with Cambree for Language Arts, and a drawing class for the 1st and 2nd grade!

We also had our big USA vs Zambia soccer match! We lost 6-1 :(

The singing of the national anthems

An impromptu birthday party for Molly put together by Laurie!

Mallory giving a horticulture lesson to the kids!

Love this pic of Jamee's smile!

Kailyn getting some Youth Day water!

Cason loves teams..especially cute girls on teams... ;)

Ryan helps out in discipleship class

After a great campfire devotion, (well..too hot for a fire..but we put flashlights in the fire pit!), the team is leaving at 6am tomorrow. Those of us staying behind are gearing up for a 12 hour power outage on Saturday...and a 12 hour power outage on Sunday... This verse is going to see me through it! I am determined to have a great weekend regardless of our electricity situation!

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