Saturday, March 5, 2016

Livingstone Weekend!

As we looked at the church schedule and noticed we were "off" this weekend, and we knew two big teams were coming to New Day this month, we decided to take advantage of the weekend and take our family to Livingstone for a quick get away! We left on Friday after school (about 1:30pm) and will be back in time for American Fellowship on Sunday evening! Here are some pics of our fun weekend!

We swam, and swam, and swam, and swam!! We are SO sunburned!!

Blu relaxing with some political news...well, he was relaxed before he read it!

Cason waiting oh so patiently at breakfast to hit the pool!

Lunch at the pool!

We don't mind the clouds - we were the first ones in at 8am and didn't get out until 1pm!

The kids made a friend who led them in swimming games and races!

Mocktail drink break!

We always have to have gelato when in Livingstone! Da Canton is run by an Italian man and the gelato is to die for!

Ordering Italian gelato from the Zambia..

We had an epic game of Ninja Turtle Monopoly...this was Cambree & Blu's side of the table...

And mine and Caedmon's side... but alas, Cambree came out the winner!

Naptime! (Cason said, "Mama, now I see why you kick Daddy at night! Can you please make him stop snoring?!)

I found this shirt for Blu at Pep (like a dollar store here) for under $2! An Old Navy 2013 flag shirt!

Me & my girl at Ocean Basket! (she made poor man's lemonade... :)

Cason ordered a platter (he said he liked the way the ketchup looked in the picture) and was shocked to get this! He ate it and calamari rings like a champ though!

Tomorrow we will finish our trip off with a pedicure for me and a couple more hours of swimming for the kids! What a great weekend to relax and get away together as a family!

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