Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Horse Field Trip!

So Cambree, who's 9 and in the 5th grade, is in a separate Language Arts class from her class. She could probably do Language Arts with Caedmon & Machila in 6th grade, but for now we have her in a class by herself. I teach her at the same time that I teach 6th grade Math, so she doesn't get a ton of attention or instruction (until Mama Dee gets here!) Anyway, we decided to use Rachel/Mallory to help me teach this class, and when they got here and we saw it was a horse unit, Rachel realized she would be the best one to teach (Rachel is a horse girl...barrel racer....etc.!) They had a blast learning together, and we've heard a LOT of "Rachel this and Rachel that" at our house these last few weeks! ;)

At the end of their unit, I mentioned how neat it would be to have Cambree visit a nearby farm to see some horses with Rachel. I didn't really know if it would happen, but I have to give all the credit to Blu - he MADE it happen! He contacted the farm, made a separate trip to town to do this in between teams, and took time out of his very busy schedule to do this (and bonus - it was Rachel's birthday!). Here are some awesome pics of their "field trip!"

So sweet!

Ready to touch!

A baby

Up she goes!


Maybe not...

This was the Bruce-Miller farm that has previously hosted New Day field trips!

Mallory, who recently graduated from LSU with a degree in Horticulture, was pretty much in plant and flower heaven...

Time for a spot of tea!

I'm not big on animals, but I have to admit this stallion is gorgeous!

Rachel the pro, on her 24th birthday!

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