Thursday, March 17, 2016

Wagoner Team!

We will always remember the Wagoner team as being the team that was here when we got wifi!!!! We gave up on our old company and are trying a new one that has a good internet connection at a big school near us. So far, the computer lab and the Ark have wifi, and BOY is it fast compared to what we are used to!! I tried for 2 hours to upload these pictures yesterday and just did it in less than one minute in our computer lab!! Wow!!

It has been great having FBC Wagoner, Oklahoma here this week! This is a fairly young team (7 youth, 5 adults), and they are jumping in and doing all sorts of things for us!

Carrol, a spinal nurse, visited with my friend Prisca who has a severe spinal condition.

Barbara & Courtlyn reading in the library

Huge project - painting the new ceiling in the dining hall!

Pastor Mark & LaDonna painting

Look at these goodies they brought for the school resource room!

Another huge project - sorting all of the clothes and shoes in our clothes container!

Courtlyn & Agness

Meagan and Christina reading

Michael & Lulu

Our other volunteers are still here as well - going to Kabanga Basic School during the mornings and helping out/playing with kids in the afternoons - love this pic of Rachel on the bike!

I'm also loving my Tall Tale Unit in my Reading class - the kids thought it was hilarious when Babe the Blue Ox greeted them one afternoon!

Muchoni working on his own Babe

Cason's Science class observing some worms

I wanted to share a few pictures of my sweet nieces and nephews that are awesome missionary kids in Northern Zambia! Here is Miss Isabel!

And spunky Abigail

And these two handsome guys...Isaac & Amos!

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