Monday, January 18, 2016

Unasked Answers

We talk a lot about "unanswered prayers," but lately my mind has been drawn to "unasked answers." There have been several things that God has blown me away with lately, and they were all things that I had thought in my mind that I would love, but that I had never thought to ask Him for. What a sweet reminder that He cares about the tiniest details of our lives and is eager to heap blessings upon blessings upon us, even when we don't think to ask.

Unasked Answer #1

My teaching schedule was pretty full last year, and I found it difficult to fit in time to do a good job with New Day finances. The finances take me about an hour each day to do, and I really need QUIET to do a good job (not my 3 kids screaming at me or me trying to do homework with them, cook supper, and record the daily expenses!) I mentioned to Blu that I would love to find one hour of uninterrupted time during the day when the kids are at school to get this done, but I never thought to actually pray to God for that hour. Lo and behold, Laurie wrote me on facebook about a month ago with the new school schedule. I was shocked to see that I have every day from 11:30-12:30 OFF while my kids are in school! It felt like a whisper from God, "I know what you need before you even ask Me."

Unasked Answer #2

I have regretted in the past that I haven't spent enough time with our Zambian staff. Hildah and I especially have been friends since 2003, but I don't get to spend a lot of time with her. I mentioned to Blu that I would love to be able to spend more time with her, but if I did, something else would suffer - time with my family, time I should be doing something else, time I just didn't feel like I had. Again, I never thought to pray about this. Our first Saturday back, at 3pm when it was time for Kids Club, Hildah showed up. She had been helping with Kids Club the whole time we were gone, and we sat and visited for 90 minutes as we watched the kids play. She said that she has loved helping and would like to continue. Last week, same thing. 90 uninterrupted minutes to talk with Hildah, laugh with her, and encourage each other. God knew I needed this, knew I desired it, and even thought I didn't ask, He made it happen.

Unasked Answer #3

Ok, this one is a little silly, but Y'ALL....I found gluten free cake flour in Lusaka last week! Like a huge bag! I have been on a gluten free diet since August due to a weak positive test for gluten sensitivity, and going gluten free has definitely helped. I knew I could buy almond flour (very pricy) here and coconut flour, but this was a giant bag of just regular, gluten free flour. I was blown away! And quickly made gluten free chocolate chip cookies! And ate them all in 2 days. Yikes. :)

I was so excited about these unasked answers, but I was a little convicted too. Why is it that we think God only cares about our "big" requests. Someone has cancer? I'm on my knees. Blu is traveling to Lusaka? I'm praying all day for safety. My kids' future spouses? I pray for them daily. But I think we sometimes forget how He wants to lavish His love upon us, even in the little things. It's easy to see this on Day 12 of our term, but it might not be so easy on Day 377. That's why I made myself sit down and record these blessings, so I can look back and be reminded of His love.

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Wife, Mom, and Nana said...

What a beautiful lesson on God's love for us. I too forget to pray for the "little things" going on in my life. I was just reading today...Matt. 21:22..."If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer." Oh Lord, help our unbelief. Let us come to you in prayer with the minute details in our lives and let us ask for your grace. Give Darby the extra minutes each day to accomplish your will. May she remember to ask for Your blessings in all she does. Amen.