Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Back at New Day - back to work!

Well, we are back! Our internet is very slow and is costing us quite a bit to connect right now until our wifi is back up and running, so I haven't been on the computer much except for work-related emails/financials and a few quick updates, but I thought it is about time for a blog! Life at New Day is much how I remember it - HOT! :) It has been 80-90 in our house with only one small rain shower since we arrived. January & February is the month where our little bridge always floods, and we were shocked to see NO water under it - just sand as if it is the dry season. This is NOT good for our farmers or for the hydroelectric dam - please pray for rain for Zambia!

After a whirlwind of unpacking, closing out 2015 finances, and getting moved into a new classroom, I was ready for some routine this morning and was thrilled to get up at 5am for my morning quiet time and 1.5 mile run! Blu was off to Choma to do grocery shopping for NDO, and just like that - we're back! :)

Hotel breakfast in Livingstone - this happy girl found a mango!

Shopping...with the kids...without jet lag.. :)

What to do when Daddy is gone? Milkshakes with Mama!

Aaaahhhh...finally back with their friends!

Cambree & Laurie

I love this picture...our kids (and the oldest New Day kids) have literally grown up in this shelter..hours and hours of games, school, Bible stories, etc.

Blu could not WAIT to get back and see his beloved trees! Apparently our mango tree and peach tree both bore fruit, and the flamboyant tree has buds and little red flowers on it!

His jacaranda tree is now the tallest in the yard! (planted 5 years ago)

Back to cooking from scratch! People ask if it's a hard adjustment, but it's really not, because there's no other option. You either cook or you starve! This is last night's supper of sausage/rice jambalaya, red beans, and roasted butternut squash.

Let the school year begin! Caedmon - 6th grade, Cambree - 5th grade (finishing up some of 4th), and Cason - 2nd grade (he already did the first half in the USA so hopefully he won't drive his teachers crazy) :)

And my first day too! I am teaching 4th-6th Math, 5th Language Arts (Cambree), Computer Class on Fridays, and Guided Reading in the afternoons.

Cason thought we should have a picture together on the first day :)

Morning assembly time on our pretty new sidewalks! Yes, it was 7:45am and the sun was SHINING!

My 4th Grade Math class

I love my new classroom!

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Robert Parvis said...

It was great to read your blog this morning. I wanted to let you know that I'm praying for the New Day Orphanage from Bentonville, AR today!