Saturday, January 2, 2016

Fun on the Mountain!

Here are a few pictures of our last few days on The Mountain! Cloud and his family are in from Costa Rica, Shade has had some days off, and we are here, so the whole family of 15 is here!

AJ and Brenden

Some pictures of B-Maw

Brenden & Cason

Brenden & Keysi


Caedmon is excited!

Caed & Sam

Cambree & Brenden

The giant snowball! (Only in Texas can you stand on a 4 foot snowball while wearing a t-shirt!)

Love those campfires and hot dog roasts! (and this hot guy)

Me & my baby :)

Rita & Keysi's first campfire

Snowball fight!

My baby :)

Take cover!

Me :)

Writing thank you notes while trying not to miss any of the action!

Killing a deer - the kids' yuck face!

Cutie pie Cambree


The fireworks almost gave him a heart attack!

Love these faces!

This is my, "This is not safe" face!

Paw & Cambree

Building a fort...but she needed a rest!

Working hard!

Playing the game "Sit on the ball for the longest without falling!"

Paw & Caedmon


Cambree bundled up!

Marshmallow time!

Paw & Brenden

Rita's "It's cold - let's go back to Costa Rica" face! :)

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