Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Around here...

Here is a look at what has been happening around here the past week! Laurie has a new phone that makes it very easy for her to upload pictures and videos, so she is making my life easier by capturing a lot of what is going on around us!

Fun at the fish pond last Thursday trying to catch fish! Poor Joseph wanted in on the action, but Baby Justin didn't want him to leave his side! What a good big brother!

Let's catch some fish!

Teacher Darbi trying to keep Stanley from jumping in...

This is the plot of land where my parents will live, which they have named Happy Hollow! It is about 80 yards from our house...is this for real?! So excited!

The kids come with the house.. ;)

Homework time - Emma was pretty content to do homework with Caedmon & Kelitah!

During library time, the New Day "middle" girls noticed Axer on the cover of Rosemont Baptist Church's mission magazine and loved looking inside! They recognized some New Day faces, along with Lexi, Uncle Adam, and Mallory!

The first week of school is in the books! Teacher Abby (who is also our substitute house mother for the boys right now) has a lot of classes but does a great job!

Cynthia & Kelitah give Teacher Carolyn a massage!

Madalitso has his own classroom and still teaches a lot of the Pre-K classes - he also recently accepted Christ as his Savior!

Teacher Melvin is so excited to have his own classroom - he is a great teacher!

2nd grade!

In my Guided Reading group (Cynthia, Francis, Misheck, and Muchoni), we read a book called "Let's Make Silly Soup." After discussing the ingredients, we decided to make it ourselves! Cynthia put in the pork chop!

According to the recipe, they had to dance around the pot for it to cook right!

Misheck added the mustard!

Squishy peas for Muchoni!

And after adding oatmeal, coke, a tangerine, cheese, macaroni, baloney, pickles, jelly beans, and jam... and then boiling it for an hour...it was time to taste!

Ben LOVED it...I promise we feed them 3 good meals a day plus a snack here!

Cambree...not so much..

A tiny bite for Misheck!

I love hearing the kids yell, "Aunt Staci!!!" and run up to her for a hug :)

Brian, our volunteer team cook, was recently hired on as the overseer of the New Day kitchen! We are excited to have him and his family at New Day! (They will stay in The Ark until Palace #2 is built)

Kelitah and Brian's baby, Isva (Chimunya). He also has a 6 year old named Ingrid

His wife, Macdrena (Magdalena) is so happy to be here!

Meanwhile, we also have 2 college volunteers who are in their last year of college doing a 6 month internship with us. They are required to stay in a village, eating Zambian food, living with no running water or electricity, in a hut, with a Zambian family, for one month! They are adjusting well and doing great in the village, but we will be excited to have them back at New Day in a few weeks!

Priscilla teaching them to make homemade buns (customers come to her door to buy them each day)

They are living in a small hut at Maxwell & Priscilla's village.

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