Friday, July 7, 2017

Friday (again!!!!)

Oh my goodness it is Friday again!!! This last week has flown by, with a team arriving Monday, a 2 day school holiday, a teacher workshop day with no school for kids, a semi-normal day, and then a crazy Friday with the arrival of a new boy and our July birthday party!! We will end the evening with a team campfire, and hopefully have a somewhat calm weekend with our kids as we prepare for them to head to the USA in just 5 days!

Garlan showing some of our boys how to drive the "Mule!"

Allison & Jane watching a soccer game and holding some kids :)

We had a great teacher workshop on Differentiation led by Allison and her mom Jane!

Blesten arrived today! His story is so sad - his mom is blind, and his dad ran away when he found out the mom was pregnant, fearing he would be put in jail for abuse. He is a tiny little 20 month old, and is a little terrified of all the white faces, but we can't wait to see a big smile!

Caedmon is so sad about leaving his friends, especially Misheck!

I found this pic of Cambree & Laurie from 5 years ago, and when I showed Cambree, she was horrified! "What's on my face?! What am I doing?! Why am I covered in dirt?? I look like Cason!!!"

Cason has had loads of fun working with Grandpa - they made Cason his own workbench in Grandpa's shop!

I had to take a selfie of me wearing the cute scarf my sister got me!

We also said goodbye to Teacher Debbie this week! I could write a whole blog post about her - she came for 2 years and ended up staying for 5 1/2. She started our whole agriculture program and left New Day in good hands of Godfrey & Noah. She will be missed! (but she'll live 20 minutes from where we furlough in Texas, so we'll see a lot of her!)

More team pics - Garlan & Jane with Baby Maggie! (A common phrase heard around New Day these days is, "Which one is that??" So many babies!)

Open wide, Maggie!

It was SO special to see Misheck and Cynthia get to meet their sponsors for the first time!

Lots of soccer playing going on around here - tournament tomorrow!

Papa Wes and our youngest, Joy!

Time for the July Birthday Party! We were missing Mama Zelly & Aunt Staci but we'll make them up in August! So grateful to the team for helping make cakes!

Christina turns 9 on July 9th!

Emmanuel turns 6 on July 14th!

Luyando turned 1 on July 6th!

Machila turns 13 on July 17th!

Terry turned 6 on July 4th!

Water, water everywhere! Thankfully the sun came out for a few minutes!

I hope you're keeping up with our website,, that we are updating frequently with our new kids' bios and new staff bios! Have a great weekend!

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