Monday, July 10, 2017

(Our) Last Team (for awhile!)

This weekend was wild and crazy as New Day hosted a soccer tournament, had some random German visitors showed up for a tour, had Kids Club, we had some church leadership issues to deal with, had the longest church service in the history of New Day church services, and said goodbye to our team! They are in Livingstone with Wes now, and we will drive our kids up on Wednesday to meet them at the airport and fly back to Austin with them!

Coach Melvin and the boys getting our new field chalked and ready for the 4 teams!

We shared our jerseys with another team, so it was a little confusing to know who to cheer for!

Babies everywhere! In between games, Caedmon had to run Luyando home for a nap!

Emmanuel is an amazing athlete!

Coach Melvin doing his thing ;)

The New Day Boys Team!

Axer with "one of them" ;) (We have SIX in diapers!!)

Our newest, little Blesten, is warming up to us, or to Barbara at least!

Teacher Diana and Cynthia after church

Many of our kids fell in love with Garlan!

Jane with my worst nightmare - a PreK/K Music class!

I think this is what you call "milk drunk!" Sweet Joy!

Cynthia loved getting to meet and know her sponsors, Mike & Barbara!

The team did a cooking class with the kids - mini pizzas!

Staci, Joy, and David hanging out watching soccer!

No trip is complete without a visit to Patrick's village!

We had a neat day of teacher workshops on Differentiation and the Daily 5! (Teacher Melvin and Principal Mama Lala not pictured here, but they were there!)

Our kids are getting ready for the USA! Caedmon had his last sleepover with Mama Dee & Grandpa where they were up to no good!

Cambree has been FaceTiming her cousin Andie, who she can't wait to see!

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