Thursday, July 13, 2017

Kids Last Week & USA Travel!

The kids had a great last week at New Day and will arrive in Austin later today! We are right behind them - leaving in 15 days!

Playing Tetris on the Wii..

Teaching Grandpa Tetris on the Wii...

Caedmon did a great job finishing up his classes and got all A's!

12 must be the magic age where kisses from your Mama is just not cool.. :(

Love my boy!

Cambree said bye to her bestie Laurie!

Haircuts to get ready for the USA!

Cason will miss his Science class with Mama Dee!

Cambree & Mama finished up their year long study on the Far East with a tea party!

The kids said bye to Grandpa & Mama Dee on Wednesday morning - and Mom did a great job of not crying!!

Time to go! We are so thankful for this group, led by Teacher Allison, flying our kids back to Austin!

Cambree ready to go!

Looking good, boys!

They look so cute! (and grown up!)

We can never thank Teacher Allison enough! (especially after all the baggage and immigration drama - they almost didn't get out of Zambia! Thankfully, it's been smooth sailing since then!)

They made it to Johannesburg, South Africa!

Where else do you go but Mugg & Bean for muffins and croissants?!

And they made it to London after an overnight flight! Cason only slept 1 hour (can you tell?!)

At their gate, ready to board their flight to Austin!

Cason only slept 1 hour on the flight, and then played for FIVE hours in the Heathrow playground! Surely he'll crash soon!

See? Told you. ;)

They will board soon and have their last 10 hour flight before arriving in Austin!

What we want to do for the next 5 months... :)

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