Thursday, April 13, 2017

Field Trip 2017 - Wednesday!

On Wednesday, we got up and headed to the Livingstone International Airport for a tour. It was a REALLY neat experience! I couldn't help but wonder if any of our kids will get to fly on an airplane out of this airport one day and will remember this tour! It was also neat for them to connect that this is where our volunteers go when they leave New Day! They loved seeing the plane that Teacher Diana will come in on next week!

Ready to go!

The fire station tour at the airport was SO neat! They have 4 brand new fire engines and a new ambulance - it was all very advanced! The kids loved the fireman's demo of sliding down the pole!

Francis trying to figure out exactly how it all works!

Drinking cokes and watching planes land!

Loud on the runway!

Muchoni gasped and said, "It's humongous!!"

We got to go up and inside a private Beechcraft - Sisi couldn't believe she was as tall as the wings!

Every kid got to go inside!

We then headed to Da Canton for pizza and gelato - these were the winners! Each of them ate 8 pieces of pizza! (Except for little Kefbert in the front...who ate TWELVE...)

Back to swimming!!

Somehow the field trip sponsors managed to squeeze in pedicures.. ;)

We ended our day at Steers with burgers!

And ice cream!

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