Friday, April 7, 2017

Zimbabwe - Monday!

The nights and mornings were quite chilly, but we survived, and we looked forward to our morning tea and cocoa around the fire!

Ready for more adventures!

Some fun games of Frisbee!

They were sad to realize they are pretty much too big for the swings!

Our first activity on Tuesday was the Lion Cub Viewing! (This was mine & Blu's choice!) We had to go in as two groups, so Cambree and I went first to see Shaka (11 weeks old!)

She loved to ask our guide TONS of questions!

Blu & Cason didn't want to miss their chance to see the baby lion!

Love this oldest boy of mine!

More cooking...bacon & eggs this time!

Our second activity of the day was Caedmon's choice - canoeing! It was fun!

Ready to go!

The boys spent most of their time in the reeds!

While the girls enjoyed the coffee shop - cappuccinos, lemonade, and Scrabble!

Who camps next door to a coffee shop?! #heaven

Our night ended with a foil packet supper of chicken & veggies! Ready for our last day tomorrow!

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