Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Prosthetics (and more!)

The Prosthetic Team has 5 more days at New Day - their trips always go by so fast! They typically spend one day setting up the clinic, two days "casting" patients, all the days in between building prostheses, and then 2 days at the end fitting patients! Here is a glimpse of what it looks like around here! (We've come along way from the 2012 trip when they used Carolyn's & Diana's front porch to do all their work!)

Cambree has served as John Brinkley's translator and notetaker when patients have been here - she loves all things medical!

A mob of people in Choma waiting to get into the Disabilities Office and get on the bus to New Day! They had to turn people away this year - first time that's happened!

So glad to have Chris back this trip!

John's friend Rick has been very busy helping the team however he can!

This team has invested so much into training Protashow to make repairs (and eventually make from scratch!) on prostheses!

Katie working hard!

Katie & Chris

John's work is SO detailed!

Katie's sister Traci was able to join her on this trip!

On the days patients are here, we hire local ladies to provide a meal for all of the people waiting.

Rick working on crutches repairs for patients!

And a few pictures of our sweet Maggie, who is 8 days old today!

There's been a lot of baseball playing around here this school break! Cason took one to the lip and Blu told him to "put some meat on it!"

Katie painted this gorgeous family crest on an awesome shield for Caedmon's upcoming 12th birthday!! :)

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