Sunday, April 16, 2017

Last of the Weekend Pics!

Here are a few of the last field trip/weekend pics before we move on to Easter!

Blu playing the role of lifeguard!

Visiting with an old man at the "old people's home!" He was blind, and Blu was speaking to him in Tonga. After awhile, a woman came over laughing and asked the man, "Did you realize you are speaking to a white man??" He had no idea!

Cynthia striking her movie star pose coming off the plane!

Enjoying my pedicure!

Sir Francis

The kids loved watching the Disney channel on the hotel tv's!

Gorgeous Glory

More Disney...

Priceless picture of Muchoni & Wes!

My Saturday...and Sunday...and hopefully not Monday!...looked like this due to a hurt neck :(

Caedmon kept me company during Kids Club with a Scrabble game!

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