Friday, April 7, 2017

Zimbabwe - Wednesday - headed home!

At this point, I should have known the trip was going TOO well.... time for the ride home!

Long story short, the drive that took us 7 hours on Saturday took us 10.5 on Wednesday. The truck made a horrible noise about 4 hours from Zambia, and we literally drove 30mph the rest of the way. We stopped wherever we could to buy more oil and put it in, but it was NOT looking good. Our money was depleting, we had no cell coverage, no internet service, and we were in a national park with animal signs all around. It was a complete miracle that the truck made it to Livingstone! On top of that, the police harassed us the entire way and we ended up with $25 more in fines - reflectors that didn't have diamond shapes in them, triangles that weren't reflective on both sides, etc...

Stopped again...

The kids were DONE.

I had NEVER been so glad to cross the bridge and see this sign!! And have internet, and cell coverage, and access to money! And we drove straight to the mechanic and left the truck there! (needed a new oil pump)

We took a taxi to a lodge, and then headed to Olga's for supper. Because pizza and spaghetti makes everything better!

The next day, Protashow came to get us in the big bus and we arrived back home at 5pm. It was a massive few hours of unloading, starting laundry, unpacking, doing expense reports, etc! Always chaos after coming back from a vacation, but I wouldn't trade it for anything! My sweet Mama had cooked us supper, and my Daddy had put this flower arrangement on our table. My parents are the best!

And now, back to work! It's 10:45am and I'm on my 5th load of sleeping bags and still have 7 loads of laundry to go (12 hour power outages Saturday & Sunday!!). Aside from laundry, my to-do list today consists of blogs, writing 50 thank you notes, taking care of our government NAPSA and PAYE payments online, writing a Quarterly Board Report, ordering new thank you cards online, and getting pictures of our Prosthetics team up on the board! Yep, vacation is over! :)

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