Thursday, April 13, 2017

Catching our breath...

Once we got home from Zimbabwe, we had 4 days to catch our breath: load after load of laundry, repack for field trip for the 5 of us, hang out with some volunteers, deep clean our house, and do the weekly Choma shopping trip! Whew!

Jarred & Megan Ettheredge from Amarillo (now missionaries in South Africa) came to visit us - and if you happen to be a mechanic and you visit New Day, you will most likely be put to work.. :)

But you might be given a helper!

Entirely too much Longhorn apparel here!

There was some time for some silliness as well!

2 boxes from Allison in Choma - yay!!! We are so grateful for the treats!!

Working on some prep for the Prosthetic team - radio announcement ready to go out on the airwaves!

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