Thursday, April 13, 2017

Field Trip 2017 - Thursday!

Thursday morning we woke up and the kids assumed we were just going home, but we had a few surprises up our sleeves!

Breakfast at the hotel

Somehow Phillip managed to snag a table with these beauties! Must be his new outfit! ;)

Our local Social Welfare officer "suggested" that we visit the "old people's home" in Livingstone!

Some of the older girls loved visiting with the patients!

From there, we took the kids to the crocodile and snake farm! The middle kids went there 2 1/2 years ago, but the older ones had never been and had a blast!

When he made the crocodile start jumping, I ran..

Lulu was sleepy...

Learning about snakes!

Quick playground playtime!

After a quick stop at Shoprite for snacks, we thought we were on our way home!

But a few km down the road...the big bus broke down :(

Blu drove the older kids and Laurie & Carol back to get gelato, while I stayed with the middle kids and Papa Wes and waited for a tow truck..

The big bus was towed back to a mechanic and the older kids headed back to the hotel to spend another night, while Blu & I headed with the middle kids back to New Day!

Meanwhile, the older kids went to Da Canton and began sharing the Gospel with some street kids!

Cynthia led one of them to ask Jesus into his heart!

Praying together!

Our group picked up Mirriam (who has been away at school for 3 months) and Mama Yolantah (who was on holiday in Mazabuka) up, and we finally arrived back at New Day at 5pm!

Another field trip is in the books! We are excited to have a mostly day off tomorrow as we celebrate Good Friday. Saturday will be another trip to Choma for team groceries, Easter festivities on Sunday, and Prosthetics arrives on Monday!
#106daysuntilfurlough :)

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