Friday, April 7, 2017

Zimbabwe - Sunday!

After last night's supper of sausage and cheese burgers (Cason cooked! And the store had no beef, so we did the best we could with sausage burgers!), we went to sleep and were ready to wake up to our Sunday morning worship that the kids planned!

Caedmon preached a great sermon on not complaining...which made it very difficult when I realized a couple of hours later there was no hot water in the shower! But I didn't complain (much..)!

Cambree taught a Sunday School lesson on love!

Cason was the "Emcee" who told us the order of service and then sang in the choir (by himself!) I loved his cute Zambian choir dance!

After (not hot) showers, it was time to go exploring! The girls were ready to go! #wecuteandweknowit

See those bushes?? All 3 of my boys are in the depths of them exploring...

Love this bridge leading across the river to the other side of the camp!

This is looking across the river back toward our campsite (see the truck??)

The weather was GORGEOUS!!

Time for some samosas for snack time!

We camped RIGHT beside the pool - the waters were too frigid for me, but the kids had a blast and swam their hearts out!

There were about 30 European/British/African college-age volunteers around the pool laying out in their bikinis ALL day, so Cambree decided she would lay out with the older girls!

Lest you think I was bored... ;)

Did I mention on the other side of our campsite was a coffee shop??? Milkshakes & Farkle - that's my kind of day!

Each of the kids got to choose an activity to do (and Blu & I chose one), so Cason's choice was first - The Snake Room!! Yuck! He had just created a habitat for a black mamba though, so he loved getting to see a real one!

Blu was the bravest..

Letting the python squeeze his arm...

Cambree held a brown harmless one!

Cason braved a touch!

Meanwhile, we looked like this most of the time...hiding..

Some afternoon soccer playing!

More fun around the campfire!

Caedmon loved helping to get firewood!

We spent TONS of time reading on this trip. We are enjoying making our way through the Percy Jackson series together - fun family time!

Games of Hearts with Daddy!

Cambree cooked our hot dog supper on Sunday night!

We rented some movies on iTunes ahead of time for the kids to watch at night so we could sit out at the campfire alone! We rented Richie Rich and the original Parent Trap! And that's a wrap on our Sunday!

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