Wednesday, May 3, 2017

What's keeping us busy....

Here's an interesting assortment of what's been happening around here! My mom keeps asking, "Is it always like this??" Yes, yes it is. #86days

Teacher Carolyn made the decision to return home to the USA (for at least a year) to help care for her sick dad and to spend time with her family. We gave her a going away party and opted for water instead of tears!

Teacher Carolyn with 3 generations of Winsman girls :)

She has taught Caedmon for LOTS of years and LOTS of classes!

Cambree will miss having her for American Social Studies!

She also had Cason for American Social Studies and said he was great for her :) (She might have spoiled him some...)

She loved spending the last 9 months here with her pastor, my Dad!

Silliness with Teacher Hildah!

And Kefbert!

Mama Liz hugs!

She is very close to Machila!



She will surely miss holding Baby Maggie in church!

We celebrated her May 20th birthday early as well!

So aside from Carolyn's departure, we also had the departure of Sonic, the faithful New Day dog for the last 7 years! We acquired Sonic and his sister Shadow when we came in January 2010 and eventually moved them to New Day with us. Sonic was put down after 11 1/2 years - he was so faithful!

Meanwhile, Mama Dee hosted a girls tea party for all FIFTEEN of our girls!!!

We got a night to ourselves, made popcorn, and watched War Room!

The grandkids getting all the domino/Scrabble games in with Grandpa before school starts!

Family leg wrestling...

Babysitting Maggie..

I keep stealing Blu's shirts ;)

Mama Lala hanging out with Luyando - how weird that she is not "the baby" anymore!

She thinks she is though...

We also said goodbye to John & the prosthetics team this week!

And have had 4 sleepovers at the Tidwell house so far - little boys were funny!

Even 20 month old Laston got to come! (he didn't last long...)

Aunt Staci and a very serious Laston!

And..we snuck in our "little kids" field trip! The group of 12 went to Ross Farm for a game drive, and to Debonair's for pizza & ice cream!

Nurse Carol had her hands full with Laston!

Chipego's first taste of ice cream!

Emma :)

Emmanuel & Stanley


The game drive...where they saw a few impala (like American deer) on a 1.5 hour drive!!! ;)

All smiles!

Prince was happy!

And later that afternoon...a soccer game! This one was neat because it was right across from New Day and was lots of our local people/Kids Club kids/kids from church, so they all knew our kids and were cheering for them! So sweet! (And we still lost 2-0...#neverwonagame #neverscoredonegoalinagame)

Poor Caedmon woke up sick and tried so hard to play - he made it for the first half only..

Daddy & Cambree watching the boys play!

So that's the last 7 days....if you were wondering why I haven't blogged in the last you know! ;)

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