Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day and last week!

I have a lot to share from the last 7 days, and our May Birthday Party to decorate for in 20 minutes, so I better get to it!

Blu says Cambree looks just like his brother, Cloud, when they were growing up - cereal at the table and a book!

Cason went to Choma with Blu and made a random friend, Ray, and shared Jesus with him!

So good to have Teacher Diana back and hear her voice in the room next to mine!

First day of school was last Monday!

Ready to go! I love my new schedule - 4 classes in the morning, and then 1.5 hours in the afternoon to take care of NDO financials!

Mom & Dad, who have FULL schedules this term! #whosretired #notthem

And after the long first week of school, they kept our kids for a night so we could get away for a night to Livingstone! Staying with Grandpa & Mama Dee = cookie dough, games, and Andy Griffith!

A little before school reading (all for fun, not schoolwork!)

Poor Caedmon has had malaria, and now a throat infection or something. He doesn't do so well with swallowing pills...

For the first week of school in Grade 6, my class prepared 10 minute lessons (with lesson plans and visual aids!) to teach to the class. Ben was so funny - walking around the room and stopping at random desks to ask questions - he was quite the actor!

Cambree was adorable, but I might be a little biased!

Kelitah was so nervous but did well!

Laurie was such a natural, just like her mama Teacher Hildah!

Sisi is incredibly shy, but I saw some of her personality peek through!

Cutting (and eating) a pizza to teach fractions was a hit!

And...we are still stinkbug-infested. We found them ALL OVER our banana trees, and we read online that they are attracted to fruit trees, so we uprooted our banana trees. After 7 years, it was kinda sad, but we only got one bunch of bananas in that time, and I will do ANYTHING to get these monsters out of my house!!!

Mother's Day has been great - I slept in and woke up to tons of cards from the kids, herbal bath salts from Blu (and my burrito blanket!), cinnamon rolls, and a lazy afternoon on the couch! We are ending it with our May birthday party and a campfire where we will roast hot dogs! Have a great Sunday!

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