Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy May Birthdays!

Even though it was Mother's Day, we took Sunday afternoon to celebrate our May birthdays with our monthly party! It is SO difficult to do the parties in the midst of our busy weekly schedule, and since Papa Wes would be gone on Monday afternoon, we opted for a Sunday afternoon party! We celebrated 8 this month! (We snuck Mama Cecilia in from April since she was gone. We really missed Teacher Abby this year :( With 8 people celebrating, it was difficult to get pics of everyone during the water pouring! (I pretty much got Wes & Dad only!!) Enjoy the pics of our celebration!

We decided to have a cupcake party with different toppers to represent each person. (This made for VERY easy cleanup - yay!)

Mama Cecilia loves to cook, so she had an African woman cooking on her toppers! She turned 59 on April 21st!

Dad (aka Papa Ron) is the Airtel and MTN guy! He sells talk time to all of our employees, so it was only fitting to have Airtel and MTN cupcake toppers! He will be 65 on May 20th!

Dad opted to sit and not injure himself trying to run away, so he got DRENCHED! (mainly by his grandson...)

A double whammy!

Love that laugh!

Terry's face after he got Dad was priceless - the hugest "OOPS!" smile!

Teacher Diana got gluten and sugar free red velvet cupcakes with prayer warrior toppers! She leads a Monday afternoon prayer time for the women of New Day. She has also lost 30 pounds and is doing great - so proud of her! She turned 50 on May 9th!

Hiding from the water pouring!

Hildah hasn't been feeling well, but nothing can make her smile like chocolate candy bar cupcakes! She turned 37 on May 13th!

Water for Hildah!

Mama Loveness loves to knit, so she got knitting toppers! She turned 54 on May 5th!

What should we do for Lulu? Dora, of course! She will be 8 on May 31st!

Sisi, the basketball star! (How can this girl be turning 15 on May 30th??!!) No pictures of water pouring for sis - she's WAY too fast to be caught!

Papa Wes will be 59 on May 19th! He got Nebraska and Cardinals toppers (though I was SO tempted to throw one Texas Rangers one on there!!)

Get him, Blu!

Wet birthday hugs!

Run! I love this picture - coming up on one year since his stroke - he is a walking (running!) miracle!


Blu clearly has more fun than anyone at birthday parties...

Here we go!

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