Monday, May 22, 2017

Blu's Phone Dump!

It's always fun when Blu dumps the pictures from his phone onto the computer - you just never know what Blu's been up to!! ;)
Our kid did the FUNNIEST Andy Griffith skit for Grandpa's birthday!!

A little throwback to 1998.. ;)

A Mama and her Boys :)

Brister - aaaahhh he used to be one of my little Kids Club kids...and now he's grown!

Some great kicks :)

Chipego checking out this thing called "ice cream"

Fence our Master Gardener is amazing!!

The Marriage Conference attendees!

At the marriage conference, it was SO fun to watch the men wash their wives' feet!

There's nothing like a "Glory laugh!"


Kids Club with a flannel board!

A few weeks ago with John Brinkley!

The Kids Club Crew waiting for something to happen... :)

Apparently Laston can not only walk, but he can climb...

Heading to church!

Wes & Laurie sharing at prayer & praise

Busy week ahead - Career Day for the kids with the team, goodbye to Nurse Carol, a 5k race, a Math Field Trip - whew!

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