Saturday, December 24, 2016

New Day Kids' Christmas Party!

The New Day Kids' Christmas Party was a huge success! We don't do the same thing every year, so it's always fun to surprise the kids as they have no idea what to expect! (Remember the year they had to stick their feet in ice water with Uncle Ricky & Niki?!!) This year, the Rosemont team helped with the party! We started with some great games!

Names were drawn and they had to tie a kleenex box around their waist with a belt and try to shake the bells out! Of course, Uncle Blu's name was "drawn!"

Cambree shaking it!


Then, after a freeze dance game, they had to take a piece of construction paper and tear it into a Christmas tree behind their back without looking. I lost.

Teacher Diana won the adult version!

Holding them up for the judges!

Kefbert tried so hard, but Glory won!

Amy & her sister Kim told the "What God Wants for Christmas" story! (Similar to Resurrection Eggs for kids)

Then it was present time! This year, the kids made wish lists and then when we were in South Africa, we did our best to purchase what they asked for! Our budget was $20-$30 per child, which was donated by their sponsors! I'm not going to caption all of these, but here are our kids opening their gifts!

(This is Kabinda - her mom serves as a sub housemother during school breaks while our housemothers are on trips, so her daughter is with us some during April, August, and December).

Merry Christmas from the New Day kids!

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