Saturday, December 24, 2016

Kids Club Christmas!

Every year that we celebrate Christmas in Zambia, we like to do a Christmas handout to the Kids Club kids. Throughout the year, we average about 150-200 kids each week at Kids Club. These kids are not necessarily orphans (though some are), but they are definitely kids living in poverty. Kids Club is the one meal a week that they do NOT have to share, and they get to eat as much as they want. They also hear the Gospel every single Saturday in Bible story form! We trust God to multiply these seeds and increase the harvest with these kids!

In the Fall of 2015, 2 different groups helped with packing Kids Club bags/boxes. The first was one of my old coaches (7th-12th grades) and her kids and their friends. Every year they pack boxes, but this year they wanted to see the actual faces of the children receiving their gifts. We asked Union Hill Baptist Church in Purcell, OK if they would be willing to pack some additional boxes, and they did an amazing job! When the boxes got to New Day 9 months later, they were ready to go! Around that time, we started having bigger numbers at Kids Club - our numbers went from 150 to almost 250 on a regular basis!

At that point, I knew we needed more boxes, so we used some volunteers to help us out! Angie from Lubbock spent about 2 weeks working in The Ark to redistribute boxes, figure out what could be added, and make list after list! Stephanie and her crew from South Carolina donated dresses for the girls and crocheted hats for the boys! And then, of course, our Rosemont team arrived from Georgia with a few additional items and helped with the (mass chaos) distribution!

Enjoy the pics of the Kids Club kids hearing the Christmas story and receiving a gift in love to celebrate the birth of Jesus!

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