Monday, December 12, 2016

2016 Staff Christmas Party!

So we got back from Capetown on Monday, the Camp Family arrived on Wednesday, and Friday was our Staff Christmas Party! We always do a formal Christmas party because 1) I love to host and it reminds me of parties growing up in the USA, and 2) our staff (girls especially!) love it! (Except for Deb..she does not love it.) ;) The Camps and Jacey hosted the kids in the dining hall for a pajama party and movie (they said it looked like it was snowing popcorn in the dining hall - what fun!) Meanwhile, the Americans worked together to provide the food, Mom helped me set up/decorate, and we were ready to go!

We started with pictures in front of the tree as people arrived (thanks to Adam Camp's photography!) and about halfway through that, Zesco went out. :( It was not a scheduled outage and immediately the heat and humidity filled the house with 20 of us inside. It was out for the party's entirety and came on 20 minutes after everyone left! We also missed having Papa Wes and Mama Lala who are on furlough with us and Aunt Staci, who was stuck in Livingstone with a broken down car!

We started with a Mannequin Challenge video which only took 3 takes! (Darbi & Hildah are a little giggly and wiggly...) We then sat and visited (mostly about snakes!) as everyone ate..and ate...and ate..! Finally, we presented the staff with their biggest Christmas bonus ever thanks to the generosity of our USA donors. They were touched and grateful and the women even rolled on the floor in gratitude (a traditional thank you)! It was a great night - can't wait to do it again in 2018!


Us :)

Amy loaned us a Bath & Body Works candle that made my night!!


Carolyn and her "girls"

Carolyn and the "ladies"


Desserts! Fudge, cream puffs, popcorn, and toffee crackers!

Christmas punch!

Lots of food!


Diana and the girls

Classic hand on the hip pose!

I loved wearing my Grandma's bracelet! She wore it to an Officers' Ball with my Grandpa in 1959 and gave it to me to wear to my first prom!

The group!

So silly :)


New Day's amazing houseparents!




The Men

The men stealing our pose!

Mom & Dad

My sweet Mama

Mulenga & Mirriam

The Tembos



Merry Christmas from the New Day Staff!

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