Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning at the Tidwells!

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, the family was baking...a million cinnamon rolls for New Day! :)

Except for Cason...who was trying to get down his malaria meds..

Distracted by the mistletoe!

All done 6 batches later, and Santa has come!

Getting ready for Junior High Football! #8monthstogo #letsgetsomemeatonthosebones

He's been wanting a jean jacket forever! #90skid

Cambree looking about 16 as she gets ready for church!

Cambree got a beautiful jewelry cabinet!

Cason is ready to be Caedmon's tackling dummy!

And still trying to get down his malaria medicine...

Outside trying out their new uniforms (at 7:30am....)

After making deliveries of cinnamon rolls and juice to all the houses, Mom & Dad came over to open their presents!

Blu's stash - an Apple watch, new razor, chocolate, American syrup, etc.!

Caedmon's stash - football uniform & helmet, jean jacket, movies, watch, soccer jersey, magic trick set, book, etc.

Cambree's stash - jewelry armoire, books, movies, journal, watch, purse, coloring set, lots of gum, etc.!

Cason's stash - football uniform & helmet, pocketknife and Leathermen, movies, books, chocolate, bicycle helmet, etc.!

Darbi's stash - calendar, planner, Boss/Guess/Lady Gaga perfume, Bath & Body Works stuff, healthy granola bars, Spark, bath bombs, lotion, etc.!

Our family is celebrating in 4 different countries today - USA, Zambia, Costa Rica, and South Africa! Here is Paw with Keysi and Brenden in Costa Rica!

Headed to church now - more to come today with widow basket deliveries and our American meal/gift exchange at The Ark! Merry Christmas!

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