Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Lunch & Supper!

Our Christmas worship at church was...different! Sometimes I just long for American worship, in my heart language. This morning was VERY humid, and there was a VERY strong smell in church. Yet, as I sat there, longing for some air conditioning (or air freshener..) I was reminded that everyone around the world today who is attending church is celebrating the same Savior who died for us all - whether in a bush church in the middle of Zambia, or in the finest city church in suburban America! (But I bet they didn't discuss whether or not Jesus was born in the rainy season in YOUR church this morning!!)

After church, we headed to Happy refuge of peace! (Because nobody can find me there!) Poor Grandpa was not feeling well due to the hand he drilled into yesterday, so he and Caedmon chilled on the comfy furniture!

Cason loves his new bike helmet!

The "kids" table - every grandparents' house has one, right??

Me & my girl!

Mama & Caedmon (Blu was at a church meeting.. )

At 2:30pm, the team and the New Day kids headed to make widow basket deliveries to 6 widows from our church who live near us. This is one of my favorite things we do each year! The kids LOVE it!





Stella (the new chitengi wraps were a big hit!)

Walking to one of the ladies' village

Then, for Christmas dinner, all of the Americans at New Day convened at The Ark for supper and a game of "Dirty Santa!" (also called White Elephant or Chinese Christmas!)

There were 25 of us! We had roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, rolls, green beans, pineapple casserole, cherry cheesecake, strawberry pretzel salad, and layered chocolate dessert!

The adults had fun! We walked away with good gifts - Bath Bombs and a Bath & Body Works Candle!

Dad was excited about his coffee!

The kids had fun too!

And that's a wrap on our Christmas Day, and on our team from Rosemont! We will miss them, especially these two. :)

Merry Christmas from New Day!

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