Saturday, December 3, 2016

Capetown 2016 - Friday!

Friday was an absolute beautiful day in Capetown!

But first...look who was last at breakfast again... ;)

We headed out on a road trip - 1.5 hours down the coast to Cape Point! But first, we picked up a bucket of chicken from KFC for lunch on the beach!

Blu so graciously demonstrated to all of us what a penguin looks like..

We found a great spot at Buffels Bay for us to eat!

These tidal pools along the beaches were so neat!

Mom & Dad munching some chicken at the Indian Ocean!

Here's "The Box" - the van we rented for the week!

Such a pretty day on the beach!

Blu & the kids headed for the rocks to play!

While some of us stayed behind catching some rays!

So beautiful!

Time for some body surfing!

Cason had fun in the pretty, white sand!

Pretty girl!

I don't like the beach, but I sure do like this man!

A random cross to honor Vasco Da Gama who first sailed around the Cape!

After we were done playing in the warm(ish) Indian Ocean waves, we headed up the funicular (definition: a mountainside railroad operated by a cable) to the top of Cape Point!

Everyone teased me about my movie star status with my sunglasses - I never wear them but needed them after Lasik!

And finally we reached the top (approximately 57 seconds later). It was breathtakingly beautiful - no words or pictures can describe it!

The Atlantic Ocean side

The Atlantic on the right of our kiss - the Indian on the left!

Checking out the ocean!

Cape Point

Dad in the distance on a hiking trail

The direction sign was so neat!

Somewhere in between New York and Sydney!

The kids obviously are too young to grasp how incredible this is - I hope that one day they will realize that they have been to some pretty amazing places in the world!

Some interesting Cape Point facts: Navigating a ship around Cape Point is very dangerous because of the very rocky beach. The Cape Point lighthouse used to be the strongest lighthouse in the world! However, because ships tried to hug the coast to avoid the rough waters, they often crashed into the rocks and there have been a lot of shipwrecks around the Cape!

Mom & Dad on the Atlantic side

Mom & Dad in between two oceans!

And there's a random ostrich on the side of the road...

I love our family!

Because we like kissing pictures..

My muscle men!

What a view!

On the drive home, we stopped in Simonstown at Boulders Beach to swim with the penguins! (it was COLD water - not all of us swam! ;)

Blu won the biggest splash contest! (he was the only competitor...)

Sitting in the sand with my Mama!

Penguins everywhere!

And I do mean everywhere!

We might have somehow found ourselves back at Gibson's for supper...and shakes... (they actually brought the shakes BEFORE supper! We didn't complain!)

Blu's Onion Blossom burger!

Supper selfie!

Those Tidwell boys...

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