Wednesday, December 14, 2016

December @ New Day!

So December is a pretty busy month here at New Day! School is out, so we are packed full of fun activities to keep the kids busy and to remind us all of the reason we celebrate Christmas! Here is a look at what's been going on!

Uncle Adam brought his drone!

The kids LOVED it - once they figured out it wasn't really a bomb, as Mama Loveness told them ;)

When not flying the drone, Adam has been busy in the septic tank...

Or hunting in the bush...

But seriously, he camped 2 nights in the bush leading a conference for many of our church leaders in the Southern Province of Zambia!

Rainy season is here! We never know when we leave New Day if the bridge will be flooded or not! Blu had to go the "long way around" through the bush to pick Adam up, but when they came back through, THAT bridge was flooded too, so they had to sit and wait it out for a couple of hours!

They saw a GIANT python-looking snake crossing the river - the splash you see is from the snake jumping! (You can see the snake's body on the far left of this pic - looks like a tree branch in the water!)

Cambree's hair is still looking good!

Our kids have been staying up late and sleeping in during this school break!

Uncle Blu & Justin at church

Abby getting her hair (very roughly) put into a ponytail by Edna!

Dad with his crew of loaders at Spar in Choma!

And headed to work on their house - almost done! (approx 1 week!)

Me & Mom doing some kitchen prep!

Edna on the porch of her house - she is slowly adjusting!

Emma showing some personality :)

Amy, Jacey, and Gracie are leading an ESL class for the youth girls at our church - so fun to get to know these sweet girls and laugh together!

Jacey ready for another night in The Ark!

Kefbert lost his tooth finally!

Christina showing off her new RED hair!

Cynthia's grandmother came to visit her for the first time in 3 years!

Malilwe getting photobombed :)

Raston is standing!

Gracie chowing down on some nshima with Sisi & Kelitah

I guess Justin and Emma needed to go to the bathroom...

The Preschool and littles took a trip to The Ark to visit the team!

Just hanging around!

The local radio station in Choma called and invited the kids from New Day to come and sing Christmas carols on the radio! After some flexibility/plans changing due to the bridge being flooded, we took a group of 20 kids today to Choma! Amy taught the kids some Christmas songs, they put on their awesome green NDO shirts, and they hit the road! (It was pouring, so the whole day we were praying they could get across the bridge and then get back across later!)

But someone needed to stay home and babysit the 10 youngest kids...

Thankful for Barbies!

And Spiderman cartoons!

Success! I got one asleep! (Until she peed on the couch...)

Meanwhile, the kids rocked it at the radio station!

Only Amy was allowed in the room with them, but the other adults could hear what was going on!

After all that work, they had to get some ice cream and pizza!

And the 5 middle girls finally got their ears pierced!

On the way home, Axer got a hold of Uncle Blu's phone.. ;)

All that work will wear a person out! So thankful for Aunt Amy!

The bridge was passable! Success!

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