Friday, December 23, 2016

2 Days Until Christmas!

We've been playing a lot of Bananagrams around here! (Cason did this!)

Caedmon hanging out in a rare moment that he's actually home!

We took our annual field trip to Children's Nest Orphanage in Choma to deliver Christmas cookies and do a Christmas presentation! They made a Christmas cake for us!

Poor Cason (and Jacey!) have malaria, so this is what Cason thought of the field trip...

This little lame girl was crawling up into all of our laps!

Gracie & the boys

We all crammed into a little room inside to sing and dance!

They did 2 dances for us!

Lulu, who used to live at Children's Nest, led them all in singing "Joy, Joy, Joy!"

The older girls at Childrens' Nest

Miriam found a baby!

It was kinda sad to take these pics of their playground for 64 kids, knowing that we have two wonderful playgrounds at New Day!

Meanwhile, back to New Day! Christina and Lily hanging around!

Cindy showing some love to the NDO cattle!

Colby, Cate, and some other turkeys!

The girls adore Gracie!

Jacey getting to experience the joys of doctor visits and malaria tests!

A finished pic of the playscape - the kids are on it ALL day long and have the blisters to show for it!

HUGE day tomorrow - New Day Kids Christmas Party and Operation Christmas Child handout to Kids Club kids! I. CAN'T. WAIT. :)

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