Saturday, December 3, 2016

Capetown 2016 - Saturday!

Saturday in Capetown was what I call our "Kids Fun Day!" The kids are all asleep and worn out, and I am up blogging with a headache! It was a fun but exhausting day and one that I know they will remember forever!

Amusement park days are my favorite days!

Ready for some fun!

The 32 seconds of the day they WEREN'T arguing...

Time for some rollercoasters!

We started with the big boat!

Bumper cars!

Too tough for pictures...

The carousel!

These two rode the spinner ride together..because we don't do things that spin...

The Cobra is the biggest roller coaster there!

Ready to ride! (This was our longest wait...right at an hour. An amusement park in Africa is interesting...not bad, but definitely not the most efficiently run!)

Here we go! (This ride did me in - it was ROUGH!)

And this has been me on vacation! Time for more eye drops!

Riding the Bushwhacker Rollercoaster with Mom! (It might have been a kiddie coaster...don't judge...)

Spiderman, Hello Kitty, and a Cheetah!

I love the Arcade games!

Go Grandpa Go!

Mom tried the Ring Toss, but only Blu came away with a victory, winning a stuffed caterpillar!

A free ice skating rink - our kids lasted all of 3 minutes! ,br>

A fun obstacle course for the Tidwell kids! Caedmon won!

We were a little bit tired...

Time for the zip line! Wait a that duct tape??

Caedmon made it all the way through the zip line preparations before he backed out!

Yep, he's done! (Arcade games where his feet stay on the ground are more his style!)

Cambree ready to go!

Cason more than ready!


When we were all exhausted, we headed across the street to the huge Canal Walk mall! It was a little bit overwhelming!

They have an Ice Adventure going on with 45 minute ice sliding sessions - the kids LOVED it!

Look what we found! Time for some Christmas shopping for the New Day kids!


Supper break!

Last stop of the day - Wonderland Arcade in the mall! It was LOUD and CHAOTIC and the kids loved every second!

Dad's still got skills!

And...I think we're done. :)

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