Thursday, December 15, 2016

Happy December Birthdays!

Today is December 15th, the perfect day for our monthly birthday party! This year, we had minus 2 and plus 2. Little Laurie and Mama Yolantah are gone, but Aunt Amy and Jacey are here! (Don't worry...we'll get Laurie and Yolantah in January. You don't just "skip" a birthday at New Day! #askauntstaci)

Aunt Amy had a birthday the day she arrived at New Day on December 7th!

A little different from her birthdays in the USA!

Our sweet Cynthia (pizza lover) will be 14 on December 30th and got a chocolate chip cookie pizza cake!

Francis turned 12 TODAY! He got a robot cake and a "built your own robot" kit we found in South Africa!

Jacey turned 19 on December 8th! The kids have been waiting to celebrate her!

She is constantly getting huge bear hugs from our girls - she is loved!

Phillip informed me after we put 9 candles on his cake that he is TEN this year!! On December 28th our Phillip will be 10 - time flies! He was VERY happy with his Spiderman cake!

Happy Birthday to all of you!

Meanwhile, my sister and her family are on an almost month-long vacation to South Africa with their dear missionary friends! They are very close to Capetown - here is Isaac showing off their house's view!

While we're back at New Day reminiscing about Capetown and the lack of spiders in our bedroom there....

There's no use crying over.... (sometimes you just have to take a picture..)

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